I want to start off by saying I’m really glad you’re here! I’ve created Chronically Contoured to share, not only my journey with chronic pain and illness, but the journey of others as well. My intention is to make this an uplifting and encouraging place as I try to live my life as close to the way I used to as possible.

It’s not always sunshine and rainbows, but I am working to see more sunshine and create more rainbows, and if you are on this journey with me, I really hope that I can help you find hope in a situation that often leaves us feeling hopeless.

You’ll see in the menu that there are different categories. There you will find posts about my journey, interviews and guest blogs from others with chronic pain and chronic illness, some fun things like product reviews and bits of entertainment for the not so great days, and posts to read when you feel like you can’t take anymore.

Everyone needs to feel heard, understood, and to be among people who ‘get it’. So, again, I’m glad you’re here. Because I sure do get it and I hope I can help you feel a connection with others who get it, too.